2002 Volume 54 (1 & 2) PDF only

Watson Farm Site (46HK34): A Possible Late Middle or Early Late Woodland Village in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia (McConaughy). Floral Remains from Watson Farm Light Fraction Flotation Samples (Ericksen and McConaughy). The Cockayne Farmhouse Mound, Marshall County, West Virginia (Chaddock). Two Noded Pipes from West Virginia (Drooker). Book and Film Reviews: Ghosts of Green Bottom: Uncovering a 19th Century Plantation (Lutton). Hunting for Hides: Deerskins, Status, and Cultural Change in the Protohistoric Appalachians (Church). Notes and Comments: Paleoindian Artifacts from the New Richmond Bottoms Site (46SU104) (Fuerst).



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