1983 Volume 35(2) PDF only

Table of Contents / Recent Data on Fort Ancient Occupation in the Caesar Creek Valley, Southwestern Ohio (David S. Brose and Nancy M. White) Fort Ancient Subsistence: The Botanical Record (Gail E. Wagner) Clay Storage Pits: An Upland Site Characteristic (Emory E. Jones, Jr.) Cult Archeology Strikes Again: A Case for Pre-Columbian Irishmen in the Mountain State? (W. Hunter Lesser) Notes and Comments: Vienna Dovetail (Charles H. Hosteller) Human Skeletal Remains from Mound 46JA47 Jackson County, West Virginia (Douglas H. Ubelaker) Book Reviews: D.S. Brose: The Archeological Investigation of a Fort Ancient Community Near Brush Creek, Adams County, Ohio (John P. Marwitt) In Memorium: Father Clifford M. Lewis (1911-1983) (Rodney Pyles)



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