1982 Volume 34 PDF only

Table of Contents / Archeological Test Excavations at the Bulltown Civil War Site, Braxton County, West Virginia (Steven Batug, Brenda Davis, John P. Marwitt and C. Lynn Lady) The Dennison Site (46LG16): A Mountaintop Site in Logan County (Ronald W. Moxley) Recording West Virginia’s Past: Guidelines for Submitting Archeological Site Survey Forms (W. Hunter Lesser) Notes and Comments: Milburn Branch of Paint Creek (46KA150) (Hillis J. Youse) Two Fluted Points Found in Situ in Kanawha County (Hillis J. Youse) Three-Quarter Grooved Axe from Blennerhassett Island (David N. Fuerst) Book Reviews: Koster: Americans in Search of Their Prehistoric Past (Charles L. Van Middlesworth) The Glacial Kame Indians (David N. Fuerst) Two Mississippian Hamlets: Cairo Lowlands, Missouri (R. Berle Clay) In Memorium: John Adams (1882-1982) (Thomas C. Kuhn)



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