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Researching and Celebrating the Rich History of West Virginia.

The West Virginia Archeological Society (WVAS) was organized in 1948
as a result of the emergency excavation of Natrium Mound in Marshall
County, which was subsequently destroyed by industrial development. The
Society was chartered in January 1949, especially due to efforts of Delf
Norona, Oscar Mairs, and Elmer Fetzer.

Other founders were Robert Athey, William Athey, Joseph Essington,
and Ralph Solecki. Important early members included Charles Lally,
Father Clifford Lewis, Glade Little, Sigfus Olafson, and Clarence

The Society publishes the West Virginia Archeologist and holds an
annual meeting that presents the results of recent work in the state,
and the opportunity to mix with other members and attendees. The West
Virginia Archeologist has been in publication since 1949. Many of the
older issues are out of print, but are available as PDFS. Most of the
issues from Number 30 and later are available as print copies and PDFs.
If you have a question about the availability of a back issue, please
contact us.